quad tour

Quad Tour in Merzouga

Quad Tour in Merzouga

Our Quad tour is suitable for everyone: groups, families. Christmas and birthday parties or a group of friends getting together to have a funny day. Sahara ATV Quad Adventures, is a great daytime activity which combines the excitement of driving a Yamaha 350 4×4 automatic visiting one of the most beautiful areas of Merzouga desert and very deep Sahara desert.

To assure your ultimate all-road experience we use top of the Quad Bike (Yamaha 350). To run these amazing all-road tracks, sand dunes and test your driving skills. At S.ATV.A, our staff are well experienced, and the most important for us is satisfied our clients and take their time during their Quad Adventure: Time to make sure you have the right equipment, time to make sure you are comfortable with your vehicle, time to create  a route to suit you and time to enjoy the experience. Our team can even arrange to collect you from your hotel or Auberge and drop you off after the tour.


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