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Day trips will start when you meet your driver, and pick you up from your Hotel or Riad.​ Travel through the new part of Fez including the new city. Then to the outskirts of the city where most of the universities are. Then our Day trips will travel across Saiss plain, which is one of the fertile country fields. As soon as you advance in the road. You will see the first slopes of the Middle Atlas mountains in the horizon. Then you will start going up the winding road after passing the village of Sidi Khair. Continue reading
day tour to volubilis

Volubilis is our destination today. After breakfast in your Riad or Hotel, Firstly you will start your day trip toward Volubilis (the roman ruins). Photo stops along the way befor to rech there , then you will explore this ancient Roman town of Volubilis with a local guide. You will be fascinated by its well preserved mosaics, palaces, baths in addition soaring arches. Afterwards, You will drive to Meknes wich is one of the Imperial cities and once Capital of Morocco under the rule of Moulay Ismail. Meknes is a home of many Palaces & Mosques, Beautiful gates such as (Bab Mansour). The old city of Meknes is surrounded by thick ramparts. Lunsh will be there and drive back to Fez around 06 :00 Pm.

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Day tour to Chefchaouen

     Firstly you will meet your driver, and  start your day trip toward Chefchaouen. in our way will take some stops for instance, to take pictures, then continue to Chefchaouen, which is a Morocco popular tourist attraction. Chefchaouen  or Chaouen as it is often called by Moroccans, Chefchaouen is a popular tourist destination because of its proximity to Tangier. In addition to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. There are approximately two hundred hotels catering to the summer influx of European tourists. One distinction possessed by Chefchaouen, is its blue-rinsed houses and buildings. 

     Chefchaouen’s blue walls are a popular subject of interest. There are several theories as to why the walls painted blue. One popular theory is that the blue keeps mosquitos away. Another is that Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s. Blue symbolize to the sky. Serve as a reminder to lead a spiritual life. This humble town is the embodiment of almost every Moroccan cliche. The picturesque medina, set against the dramatic backdrop of the Rif Mountains.

      The growing tourist industry is geared especially towards Spanish tourists, who are numerous during great Catholic feasts like Semana Santa. In addition Christmas.

     Chefchaouen, nestled in the Rif Mountains. Just south of the Mediterranean coastline in northwest Morocco. Chefchaouen called blue city for its traditional buildings. Enjoy a walk to explore the white and blue washed walls of the medina. And the markets that offer some unique native handicrafts. After that you will have time for lunch. In conclusion, Chefchaouen is a fantastic destination for photographies, with its wonderful views of the Rif Mountains.

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    Finaly you will come back to Fez in the afternoon, drop you off in your riad. 

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